Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Germs good?

So today on I think it was Good Morning America, they were talking about how because of people being such germ phobes and always using antibacterial soap and disinfecting everything, people are starting to develop auto immune diseases and have more allergies, because our bodies aren't being exposed to enough germs, so that they can build up their defenses.( yeah, I realize that was a run on sentence, lol) They believe it's that combined with all of the chemicals in the air, in the produce and in our meat. ( Non-organic food) Kind of scary that we're weakening ourselves unknowingly. So I guess what I'm really saying here is that maybe my non-emaculate house keeping may actually be good for my family? LOL


Rockin' Radicals said...

My microbiology teacher says not to use bleach as much so you have the germs you need. He said the bathroom should still be cleaned like normal but don't vacuum and sweep everyday. Leave some of that crud on the floor for your immune system.