Monday, January 28, 2008

Eli and his shadow

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Oliver is so anxious to grow up. It's so sad! He pulls himself up on everything and tries to go everywhere. Very different from Eli, he was so laid back. He got his first tooth last week! His bottom front. It is so cute, he follows Eli around the house, sometimes he follows him into his room, and I'll find them side by side playing in the back most corner of the closet.

Elis face is leaking!

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Sick Kids Everywhere!

In the last week, Piper got RSV, which is even more scary then usual because her new brother Beck is only a week old. So that is fun for the Carrolls! And there isn't much I can do to help them because A: Can't tend Piper, cause if my kids got that i think I'd die. B:My kids both have raging colds too! (But no RSV! Thank goodness) I got to go into their house for a short visit the other day, and Piper was definately not herself. Normaly she yacks your ear off, but this time she just stood by the couch with her haed burried in it. Poor Pipe! Eli is just a mucus river, with a cough and a bad additude.
On Saturday we took the kids to dinner with Kim Theo and Dale. Worst idea ever! I felt like the people that i normaly would be judging and saying " my heck! keep your kids home!". So that serves me right.
I think that having sick kids is the worst part of being a parent. You can't take them anywhere and they are so whiney. Don't get me wrong I love being a mom, and I'm even starting to enjoy the being home thing. Since having the kids, I've been forced to be more unselfish. I think that I am a person that if i couldn't have kids, I would be very selfish. Pretty sure that it's one of the reason heavenly father wants us to have kids. They force us to be a little more Christ-like. There are paople who are just like that naturely, I admire those people alot.