Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ok, I'm going to blog now.

I've decided that I'm going to post to the blog everyday for one year. Yes, everyday for a year. So today is March 31rst. That's the day, next year that I will stop blogging for one year. (Just kidding) But really, I am SUCH a lazy person, that it takes extremes to force me to stick to things. So this is painful for me, but it's on record, I will post to this blog every single day for one year. I'm not promising that it will be anything enlightening or helpful in any way. I have no particular skills or talents, so I guess this should be fun. There isn't really any expectation, except that I will post. My hope for doing this is that it will drive me to accomplish some of my other goals, so that I in-turn have something to blog about.
Other goals I have for this year are:

Finish the basement salon. ( That actually needs to be a soon goal, so that my clients don't leave me)

Get a good haircut. (from someone else)

Grow a garden. (and keep it alive)

Write everyday.

Practice the piano everyday.

Read the Book of Mormon.

Read three biography's of people who are experts at living. (People I decide are awesome)

Get food storage.

Learn to can food.

Talk Kris into letting me raise chickens. (This might take two years)

Invite people to eat at my house twice a month (or more)

Pray every morning and every night.

Perfect cinnamon rolls.

This list is probably missing a few things. I'll update you if I think of anything else to add. Hello, blog post. Yeah, just kidding. I'll try to find interesting things to write about. I wouldn't want to waste any who might look's time.

I've been weeding my yard for a week or so. I spend an hour or two a day. It's really amazing how many weeds shoot up even though it's been SNOWING. Eli and Oli have been digging holes in the border garden area, they say they are making homes for the ground hogs. Oli brought me a chunk of something just before we came in and told me it was dog poo. There's lots of that in my yard. That should be on the list too, clean up all the poo. I think that I want that to be on Kris's list though.